aerial shot of the sant elmo castle in naples italy
My parents came to Germany in the early 70s, in search of a better future. In […]
In 1500 hours from Beethoven’s Moonlight – Part 1 to Chopin’s Barcarolle Op. 60 sounds challenging? […]
The app shows that a MusicXML file assigned is not readable, what can I do? The […]
Since Version 3.10.x Play ‘n’ Practice introduced assistants into the app to facilitate the handling of […]
Making music is a beautiful and fulfilling passion. A lot of us enjoyed playing an instrument […]
Improving a piece often requires the repetition of difficult passages and focusing on individual measures. While […]
With V3.6 of Play ‘n’ Practice a new feature was introduced in order to add external […]
Content What is the idea behind workouts? How do I start now? How do I customize […]
Besides tracking your practice time live within a workout, Play ‘n’ Practice also offers a feature […]
Another amazing new feature of Play ‘n’ Practice is the brand new note editor. There are […]